Teaching Homeschool Art

Teaching homeschool art was always a part of our homeschool curriculum but it was never my goal to create artists. However, three of my four children seem to be very artistic. One has chosen a profession using his art skills.

“Does My Homeschool provide art lessons?” is a question I am often asked.

Yes! art is considered to be key learning areas that needs to be incorporated into your homeschool.

We do provide an art appreciation course and we do offer some guided art lessons.

However, we feel confident that you have a few ideas of your own that you would like to explore with your child.

Look at these Simple Ideas When Teaching Homeschool Art.

1. Have lots of art supplies handy.
When teaching homeschool art make art supplies readily accessible. We always had plenty of art supplies and paper out on a table so the kids could draw at leisure. We also had Plasticine and modelling clay for sculptures. I found that many of the gifts they received were craft related.

2. Make up your own homeschool art lessons on subjects you are studying.

Charlotte Mason believed that children should include art as part of their lessons. She had children drawing in the notebooks for science – with their nature journals, in history with their Book of Centuries, and even in their Bible lessons. They would often draw when we were doing read alouds, sometimes they would draw about what we were reading.

Notebooking will give your children plenty of artistic opportunities.

3. Teaching Homeschool Art Lessons with Professionals.

Occasionally I organised art teachers to teach special techniques such as pottery, and watercolour painting. We usually did this with some homeschool friends and it became a fun activity in our week.

4. Read book biographies and stories about artists.

See ourĀ Artist Study Booklist.

5. We also used picture study.

This is a Charlotte Mason technique. In short, it involves showing your child an artwork (usually of a famous artist) and then having them study the picture. Then you get them to describe what they saw from memory.We also used our picture study for narrations. Here is one from my blog using Frederick McCubbin’s Lost.

6. We made time for art.
We fitted art into our curriculum. It may have been through the notebooking, on a nature walk or during read alouds. Art was a regular part of their curriculum.

My Homeschool Artist Study Course

The My Homeschool Art Appreciation Course includes resources to help when teaching homeschool art. Do this during your group study time around once or twice a week. You could also use this as an independent activity for older children if you wish by having them examine a painting a week.

Teaching Homeschool Art - Nature Study

Nature Study Journal

Beth Aged 10.

Teaching Homeschool Art - Music Notebook
 Dot Painting

Dot Painting Lesson
Tim Age 8

Teaching Homeschool Art - Hobart Building

Hobart Building

Sarah 10

Teaching Homeschool Art - History Notebook

History Notebook

Tim Age 12

Science Notebook

Sarah 11

Teaching Homeschool Art - Sketch

A Picture of Her Sister

Sarah Age 16