My Homeschool Seminar 2019 – Yass

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Who Can Come: This seminar is specifically tailored to women who are exploring home education or looking to reassess, connect, and equip themselves with new teaching tools. We know dads play a big part in home educating, but this seminar is designed for mums. We will share ideas from Charlotte Mason’s educational method but you do not need to be following her method to attend. Sorry no children but mothers with their nursing babies are welcome.

When: Saturday – September 7th from 9.15 am to 3:00pm

Where: The Vine Church, Wee Jasper Road, Yass, NSW

Meals Provided: Our lovely Yass mothers are hosting this event and making us some yummy country fare. For morning tea we’ll be having some home baked treats with tea and coffee. For lunch we’ll have delicious country style soups with bread. And maybe some of those leftover treats from morning tea.

If You Have Special Dietary Requirements: We will provide a gluten and dairy free option for morning tea and our lunch menu includes a vegetarian soup option. However, if you have specific dietary requirements that are not catered for with the above menu then please bring your own food.

Registrations Close: Monday, September 2nd.

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Do you want to be inspired and educated to be a better home educator?

Would you like to connect with a vibrant community of other women who love their children and seek to enjoy the homeschool journey?

Would you like to nourish your mind and equip your home school with new teaching tools?

Then, join us in country NSW for our second My Homeschool Seminar this year!

Learning the Charlotte Mason Way

9:15am – Registration

9:30am – Welcome and Introducing Charlotte (with Jo)

An overview of the Charlotte Mason method, the benefits of using this method of education, and what are the hallmarks of a CM education: education as an atmosphere, discipline and a life.

9:55am – Using Living Books For Teaching (with Michelle)

What are they, how to find them, when to read them, and how to make the switch from textbooks.

10:20am – Narration Practice (with Jo)

The ins and outs of narration: What it is, how to do it, and why we should do it. What are some good tips and tricks to help your child and we have an opportunity to give it a try ourselves.

10:45am – Morning Tea

11:15am – What About Spelling and Maths? (with Jo)

A short session on the basic principles of teaching these two subjects in the Charlotte Mason method.

11:30am – Snapshots From Breakfast To Bedtime (with Michelle)

Michelle takes us through a typical day in the Morrow family during 3 seasons of the homeschool journey, beginning, middle and the final years.  

12noon – Nature Study and Nature Notebooks (with Michelle and Jo)

Whether you’re a natural nature lover (like Jo), or a try hard (like Michelle), we’ll talk about how you can get nature study happening in your home. We’ll share from our own experience – why and how we do nature study and keep a Nature Notebook. This will include an opportunity for you to do a Nature Notebook entry, so if you keep a Nature Notebook please bring it with you, along with any art supplies you may like to use.

12:30pm – Lunch Break

1:30pm – Once a Week (with Michelle)

Making time to enjoy poetry, music and picture study in your weekly program. We’ll also include some examples so you will see how it works in reality.

2pm – Question Time (with Michelle and Jo)

A chance to have your questions answered on how it all works and how you can do it in your own home.

3pm – Goodbye

Show and Tell: We’ll have lots of things to look at, including: a range of living books, samples of children’s work and some My Homeschool resources. There will be time to browse during the day. No items will be on sale.

About the Speakers

Michelle Morrow has four homeschool graduates. She discovered the Charlotte Mason way of homeschooling early on her homeschool journey. In 2017, she began My Homeschool but she has also been blogging at Homeschooling Downunder for over 10 years.
My Homeschool Seminar Speaker Michelle Morrow

Jo Lloyd homeschools three children and favours a Classical / Charlotte Mason style of education. She is a university educator with a background in law and geography. Lately, Jo has been helping Michelle develop the My Homeschool curriculum.

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