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$6.00 / month and a $30.00 sign-up fee

Membership gives you access to the My Homeschool Learning Platform and some of our free courses.

Note: Graded courses are an additional cost.

Membership subscription to My Homeschool learning management platform costs $6 per month with a $30 non-refundable joining fee. That’s $36 for the first month.

Your paid membership also grants you insider access to exclusive content; allows you to contribute your opinion, participate in our free enrichment courses and gives you opportunities to ask Jo and Michelle questions directly and get them answered!

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My Homeschool Winter Special

Winter Special

For all those people who want to start mid-year, I’m offering a 25% discount on our primary courses. That is a saving of $100.

The discounted courses will be offered to members within the My Homeschool learning platform. The reduced price will be available to our members from Monday the June 18th to Friday 28th June.

A membership subscription to My Homeschool learning management platform costs $6 per month with a $30 non-refundable joining fee.

Becoming a member gives you access to our free courses.

Free Courses Include

  • The Community Hub – a virtual staffroom which includes forums, free ebooks and encouragement resources.
  • Homeschool Teaching 101 – will give you the teaching ideas used in My Homeschool and tips for new home educators.
  • State Rego and Planning Course – advice and resources to help with state and territory registration requirements for single and multiple children using our courses.
  • Art Appreciation Course – 4 years of art courses to be used on rotation.
  • Music Appreciation Rotation – 4 years of music appreciation and composer studies to be used on rotation.

Over $30 of Free Ebooks

  • Inspired by Charlotte Mason by Michelle Morrow. This ebook will familiarise you with Charlotte Mason the educator and her core beliefs so you can understand how to implement her ideas and make them suit your homeschool!
  • Healthy Homeschool Habits by Michelle Morrow is about looking after yourself during the homeschool years.
  • Australian Artist Picture Study introduces your child to some of Australia’s famous artists. It’s perfect for art appreciation the Charlotte Mason way.
  • World Artist Picture Study introduces fine art to your child in an easy to use format especially designed for homeschoolers! Use this in your group study time as an easily accessible way to learn about some of the greatest artists and their finest works.

Graded Courses

Once you have subscribed you are eligible to purchase our Primary Graded Courses.

As long as your subscription remains current you will have access to all our free courses and the graded courses that you purchase. This means that you can use the same course for multiple children over the years.

Note: Our graded courses are $400 each with an additional cost for living books. See our graded course costs for more details.

Here’s a quick 6 minute tour of a My Homeschool Family Subscription.

Membership Subscription Activation

Note: The user account set up for membership activation is a manual process. It may take up to three working days to submit details and activate your My Homeschool Learning Platform account.

After payment your user account will be set up and you will receive an email from My Homeschool within three working days of purchase.

This will give you:

  • your username
  • password
  • login details
  • a link to access the My Homeschool Learning Platform.

After subscription you will be eligible to purchase a paid graded course.

You do not need to purchase a paid curriculum course if you are subscribed to My Homeschool Learning Platform. However, you must be subscribed and logged into the My Homeschool Learning Platform before you are eligible to purchase the graded curriculum courses.

Purchasing Your Graded Courses

Our Curriculum Graded Courses are not purchased from this website and are not a part of this membership price.

Paid curriculum graded courses are an additional cost and are purchased within the My Homeschool Learning Platform after you have become a member.

Our paid courses include curriculum for the following grades:

  • Kindergarten/Foundation
  • Year One
  • Year Two
  • Year Three
  • Year Four
  • Year Five
  • Year Six

To find out more details see our Terms and Conditions.