My Homeschool Year Three Course

Are you looking for something special for your child’s homeschool program? Well, what we have planned for Year Three is an absolutely delightful Charlotte Mason inspired curriculum.

We want your child’s homeschool education to be a joyful experience for you and your child.

To make it easier, we’ve done the planning so you can be confident you are giving your child a well-rounded education and that you comply with Australia’s homeschool registration requirements.

Your Year Three Little Scholars Will:

  • Hear and read classic literature from Australia and around the world.
  • Learning about great artists and musicians.
  • Practice handwriting using copywork from classic children’s poetry.
  • Transition from printing to cursive writing.
  • Continue learning simple narration, grammar and writing skills.
  • Meander through world history from Alexander the Great, to the Knights of Britain. Read their tales and record significant people on a timeline.
  • Study science using the an Australian nature study classic – The Wonderland of Nature .
  • Geography will include an updated 21st century version of what Charlotte Mason used to teach her students about the our planet and the universe.  It includes guided conversation, mapping, nature study and suggestions for the child who wants to explore further.

Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings (3 to 4 days per week), leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done or go visiting!

The mind “is nourished on ideas and absorbs facts only as they hang connected with the living ideas upon which they hang. Children educated upon some such lines as these respond in a surprising way, developing capacity, character, countenance, initiative and a sense of responsibility…The mind feeds on ideas and therefore children should have a generous curriculum.”

Charlotte Mason

Year Three Course Cost

I like all the core subjects (history, geography, nature study). Moodle App is handy. Weekly guide is great!

Susan from VIC

Home Educator, Year Three

Download Course Outline

We’ve put a comprehensive outline and weekly lesson sample guide for you to download and read.

Year Three Course Outline. PDF Download

Teaching Resources

To encourage a passion and motivation for learning, we’ve adopted a literature rich philosophy which has avoided worksheets and textbooks whenever possible. Our family learning schedule includes: thoughtful conversations, classic read alouds, narrations, poetry, picture study, science and nature journaling, notebooking and art lessons. Independent work includes English, math, copywork and age appropriate readers.

Resources Provided

These resources can be downloaded or accessed online. You can print off these documents or keep them in your virtual cupboard.

  • Detailed Scope and Sequence and Yearly Plan Year 3: Use for registration application, includes Australian Curriculum codes and NESA outcomes.
  • Introduction to Teaching Year 3: A home educator’s guide that shows you how to teaching this grade.
  • 36 Weeks of Lesson Plans: An online and printable PDF version of each week’s activities, reading schedules and lesson notes.
  • Primary Language Lessons Year 3: An English resource combining literature lessons with copywork, spelling, dictation, narrations, picture study, observations, poetry, writing and grammar.
  • Garden Verse Copywork: Foundation Font Printing
  • Blinky Bill Cursive: An introduction to cursive writing.
  • Mother Goose Cursive: Foundation Font First Cursive
  • Tales and Tarradidles by the Perfessor and Alter Ego: A fun Australian poetry book about animals.
  • The Wonderland of Nature Journal: Discovery pages linked to our living science book The Wonderland of Nature.
  • Charlotte Mason Elementary Geography: A Contemporary Guide An earth science resource discussing the physical geography of the world.
  • Middle Ages Timeline: Includes Romans, Vikings and knights.
  • Alexander and the Jews Moodle Book.
  • Times of Christ History Lessons.
  • Healthy Conversations Checklist: A guide for teaching personal development, health and physical education.
  • Art Appreciation Course: Provided free with subscription
  • Music Appreciation Course: Provided free with subscription
  • And a few other bits and bobs including video links and suggested enrichment activities.

What Isn’t Provided

We don’t provide a math program but we’ve got some suggestions, so you can pick a resource that suits your child’s style and ability.

Since this is a literature rich course we need you to buy or borrow some living books.   You can view our book list when you download the course outline.

Foreign language lessons are also at your own discretion but we’ll give you some tips.

Year Three Details

Our aim was to find a good balance between Charlotte Mason’s ideas and the registration requirements of a modern day Australian curriculum. Efficient planning means that we’ve streamlined lessons to give your child a rich learning experience without making you feel guilty or overloaded. This means you’ll still have time to go on delight directed learning adventures.

36 Week Cycle

Our Year Two programs is set out in a 4 term/36 week cycle that can be spread over 3 to 4 days (10 – 14 hours per week). To give you some breathing space, we’ve allocated the last week of each term to: special projects, catch-up lessons and assessments. But you as the homeschooling parent you can pace your child’s learning according to their abilities and needs.


Keeping track of your progress is also easy with our weekly schedules available in an online or printable format. Registration is made simple with our Yearly Planning Template and detailed Scope and Sequence. We also provide certificates and portfolio prompts that will make documentation and continued registration a cinch. At the end of each term there is a downloadable report of work achieved over the term. Parents add comments and assessments of their child’s progress in each area of learning.

Online Learning Platform

One of the most exciting features of My Homeschool is the online learning platform we are using. You can access your course from your PC, Mac, Tablet or even your phone. Moodle is an Australian designed software that is used by many school, universities, colleges and educational institutions around the world. My Homeschool has been built on this platform. You can download an app for your smart phone or iPhone and that means your whole course is at your fingertips. This is great for learning on the go.

Membership Subscription

Before you buy a course you must purchase a membership subscription. Membership remains active as long as you stay subscribed. The membership can only be used for the family subscribed. The membership may not be used for non-family members.

Member’s Price

Membership Year Three Price: $385 once off payment. After you become a member you are entitled to purchase additional courses without the additional subscription fee.  Links to the Year Three course are only accessed from within the My Homeschool Learning Platform.  This is a once of price that gives you access to the course for as long as your subscription remains current.

Additional Cost

We don’t provide a math program but we’ve got some suggestions, so you can pick a resource that suits your child’s style and ability.

Since this is a literature rich course we need you to buy or borrow some living books.   You can view our book list when you download the course outline.

It has definitely made me feel more organised (I just need to train the kids better, but I do feel it is slowly happening). I really like that I can trust that the book recommendations will be all “good” and I don’t need to lose time chasing reviews etc…Overall I am finding it very adaptable, and I like the prompts for end of term reviews (that’s one thing I just never got to before).

Anna from NSW

Home Educator, Year One & Year Three

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