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Australian Year Seven Homeschool Curriculum

My Homeschool is a literature rich, family friendly homeschool curriculum written for Australian children from kindergarten to high school.

How Would I Ever Do High School?

When my first child began high school I didn’t know where to go for homeschool curriculum. Everything was American, I was constantly tweaking, skipping lessons and generally unhappy with my options. I understood the principles of a literature based education but some subjects didn’t have a book that worked in Australia. I gave up and sent my first child to school for a few years.

When the second child got to Year 7, I continued on my quest to find curriculum that worked. But not much had changed and she was still learning American history and geography! Aghh!

By the third and fourth child, I was a research machine and I’d finally worked out ways to make my homeschool work with the Australian curriculum.

I know following registration curriculum requirements is a fear of many home educators. Some want to follow their dream curriculum but they just don’t know how it fits in with their state requirements. They worry they will fail registration; so they stick with the American workbook approach or use Australian school textbooks. Some follow their dream curriculum but they hide from their state registration body and hope they won’t get caught, and some just lie about what they were teaching in order to pass registration.

None of these are good options!

But I’ve found a solution.

When my children had graduated from my homeschool and gone to university, I launched My Homeschool so the Australian homeschooling community would have a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool curriculum. I’ve been able to find some very talented Australian authors who have written exclusively for this curriculum. Jo Lloyd, Margaret Taylor and Ian Brown are just some of them. We’ve all worked hard to make this curriculum family friendly, academically strong but also wholesome and inspiring.

Why Follow the Charlotte Mason Method?

We wanted you to have confidence that you were educating your child in a way that honoured their emotional, academic and spiritual needs, and give you shortcuts so you would easily pass registration.

We know how important it is to nurture your children’s hearts and minds as you educate them.  The Charlotte Mason method gives us the framework to achieve these goals.

It’s Written For Australian Children

You won’t need to be Australianising our content. We have mapped our curriculum to the Australian standards for each state and territory and we’ve done it for you in a Charlotte Mason way.

We use:

  • Australian literature and poetry.
  • Australian spelling and grammar lessons for English,
  • Foundation Font for our handwriting lessons,
  • Australian examples for science, geography and history,
  • Metric measurements and Australian money,
  • Australian land forms, plants and animals for nature study,
  • Famous Australian art works for picture study,
  • Indigenous content and books in all grades.

But we don’t limit our curriculum to only Australian content.

We want your children to have a rich feast of ideas presented to them so we also include world history, foreign languages, classic literature and a range of resources that encourage your child to learn about the world around them.

We Wanted A Curriculum That Worked For Home Educators 

Our curriculum writers have already done the juggle of homeschooling a few children at once.

  • We knew how lovely and important it is to learn as a family so we made some lessons and read alouds possible to teach as a group.
  • We reduced the time needed for formal academics by crafting our curriculum so our resources and books often teach multiple topics.
  • We made each grade fit each state’s syllabus so you can get registered easily.
  • We gave you a streamlined intentional curriculum so you could give your children a wholesome integrated education from kindergarten to high school.
  • We made sure it was academically challenging so your children will have career options, and a pathway to university if needed.
  • We put it all in one place so you weren’t hunting around looking for resources every time you wanted to begin lessons.
  • We made it easy to access your lessons and planner when you were out and about or travelling just by picking up your smartphone.

We Want You To Homeschool Well!

Getting a curriculum is the first step. Teaching and getting registered are the next parts.

That is why we want to offer you more than educational products or book lists. We want to mentor you and support you on this journey.  We have experienced home educators who have already travelled this path and when you hit a hurdle we want to help you figure out ways to find a solution. 

We Do That In A Few Ways:

  • We have a community forum where you can ask your homeschool questions and get some advice. You can also email us if you need to.
  • Our free Homeschool Teaching 101 Course that comes with membership will give you an understanding on the teaching methods we use. We also have a coach to take you through this course.
  • Our Getting Registered Course gives you tips on registration for your state.
  • Each graded curriculum course has most of the documentation needed to help you make your registration application simple and quick. Note: We don't do your application for you.

Our homeschool curriculum is written to comply with all Australian states and territories. We give you a shortcut to help you get straight into giving your child a delightful and robust education without spending hours and hours researching, and tweaking unsuitable content. And we’ll make it easy for you to get registered because we’ve already done 75% of the documentation you need for your application.

Our Learning Platform

We use Moodle, a popular educational online learning platform to run our courses. In the early grades this is mostly a resource for the parent, in middle school and high school the children also use the platform as a part of their lessons.

You will need access to the My Homeschool learning platform to complete and watch some video lessons. A laptop, tablet, or desktop computer will work well. Your smartphone can be used for a quick review, or on the go, but it’s not the best option for online reading and watching videos long-term.

Whilst we are utilising this online platform for learning and include many of our recommended book titles for watching as a read-aloud, most of our lessons do require reading from a real book or a paper-based resource. Our notebooking activities use pencils and paper but if you wish for your child to have additional screen-based activities you could incorporate an online mathematics or foreign language resource as both of these subjects rely on plenty of practice for mastery.

Here’s a quick tour.

Continued Membership Rewards

You will continue to have access to your purchased courses, and all the benefits of being a My Homeschool member, as long as you keep your subscription membership current. This means you can use the same graded course again for subsequent children.

Thank you for putting together this wonderful course. Over the last 4 years I have taken 2 of my children through Years 7 and 8 using a distance ed programme but this year my daughter and I have found this course to be a much less stressful transition to high school. I love knowing that we are still fulfilling the requirements for the Australian Curriculum but I have also been able to give my daughter the rich classical literature-based education that I was looking for. I have been interested in the Charlotte Mason style of education for a few years but until now I was frustrated that everything I came across was based on American history/geography/seasons. Thank you for putting in the time to track down and integrate appropriate Australian resources into the curriculum.
This was my first year registering with the Qld Home Education unit myself so I also found the information that you included regarding registering very helpful. I have also used the Year 5 and Prep courses this year and found them to be wonderful as well. Thank you again; my daughter and I are really looking forward to seeing the Year 8 curriculum when it is ready.

Tracey from QLD

Home Educator , Prep, Year 5 & Year 7

Michelle and Jo, the Year 7 Course is excellent. I could not have planned this any better myself, I thank you so much for this opportunity in learning the proper way.

Kristy from NSW

Home Educator , Year 7

Course Costs & Enrolment

We have divided this course into two separate semesters:

  • Semester One includes Term One and Two.
  • Semester Two includes Term Three and Four.

There is no time limit on completion of a semester. You can begin our courses at any time in the year.

Semester Costs:

  • $350 per semester plus a family membership subscription. All courses are purchased from within our My Homeschool Member’s site. Note: Only one subscription is needed per family.
  • Additional living books are required to complete the course. These will cost less than $150.
  • Printing of resources and additional stationary is also required.
Year 7 Resources Image

I like how this course has all information including links etc….available for student to use – enabling independent working with minimal support from parent. The workload is just right for my child. I’m absolutely interested in doing the Year 8 course next year.

Lousie from ACT

Home Educator , Kindy, Year 6 & Year 7

The Year 7 Course is easy to follow and provides comprehensive resources. I tweak some things but otherwise we find it fits and meets our needs well. Registration was a very easy process, everything you need is provided. I received two years registration on my last visit. I’m definitely interested in Year 8.

Hope from NSW

Home Educator , Year 7

I already have a very busy life? How much time will this involve?

My Homeschool follows the Charlotte Mason practice of shorter lessons so there is time for the student to follow other interests. Approximately three to four days per week is allocated to group study and reading aloud in the primary years. In high school we have written a four day schedule with Day 5 free for other planned educational activities. Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings, leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done and pursue other interests.

Is this course secular or Christian?

This curriculum aims to give parents confidence that they are educating their children with a worldview that honours the values of Christian education however our resources are not exclusively Christian. We have attempted to choose great resources and often a secular resource was the best option.

Education of the whole child is important to us and parents are encouraged to nurture their children’s spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs. Check out our article Is Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Christian?.

How do I teach multiple children?

Choice has been built into this curriculum to give you the flexibility you need for teaching multiple ages and adapting to the special needs and interests of your child/children.  Some families choose to simply buy the appropriate Graded Course for each child, while others try to combine grades and teach multiple children using one course.  You can choose what best suits your family.

This Is How You Enrol?

At My Homeschool we want to give you the curriculum we always wanted. 

Many of our members report that our curriculum is just what they needed to educate in a Charlotte Mason way and feel confident that they are following their state’s registration requirements.

Become A Member now to Buy Your Course. You’ll get access to our learning platform where you can enrol in our course and get access to all these course materials. It will only take 15 minutes.

Year 7 Homeschool Resources

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