Australian Year Five Homeschool Curriculum

Our Year Five Homeschool Curriculum is written to comply with the Australian Curriculum. We’ve done the planning so you can be confident you are giving your child a well-rounded education and that you comply with Australia’s homeschool registration requirements.

However! We offer you more than a tick boxes Year Five Homeschool Curriculum. We also offer an Australian Homeschool Curriculum that is a delight to teach and a pleasure to learn.

This Charlotte Mason inspired Year Five Homeschool Curriculum is something special.

Course Cost & Enrolment

  • This primary course costs $400.
  • To enrol in our graded courses you must first become a member. Only one membership is needed per family.
  • All courses are purchased from within our My Homeschool Member’s site. Note: Only one subscription is needed per family.
  • Once you have purchased your membership and course, you can expect to spend around $150 buying required books, stationery and printing costs.

Your Year Five Homeschool Little Scholars Will:

  • Learn about great artists and musicians.
  • Practice cursive handwriting using classic literature from Australia and New Zealand as copywork.
  • Familiarise themselves with many classic poems.
  • Continue learning simple narration, grammar and writing skills.
  • Focus on Australian history with an overview from the aboriginals first contacts with Europeans to modern day Australia. Historical fiction will also feature Australian history.
  • Learn about indigenous languages of Australia.
  • Nature journaling is an all-year-round study inspired by Amy Mack’s delightful nature journal, A Bush Calendar.
  • Cover the four strands of science: astronomy, the technology of invention, sound, properties of matter and light.

Your day will usually include consistent lesson time in the mornings about 4 days per week, leaving afternoons free for natural learning and play. You can also get some of your jobs done or go visiting!

Are You Ready To Teach Our Year Five Homeschool Program?

Becoming a home educator can be a little scary, sometimes we wonder if we are qualified to teach! But we are here to support you.

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At My Homeschool we want to give you the curriculum we always wanted.

Many of our members report that our curriculum is just what they needed to educate in a Charlotte Mason way and feel confident that they are following their state’s registration requirements.

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Year Five Homeschool children in a park

I enjoy the links to the weeks for ease and love the free content about music. I had to create my own schedule to fit with our family, but have used Michelle’s suggestion as a starting point. I love the Amy Mack stories and my kids are enjoying the texts this term.

Seven Little Australians is quite wonderful and opens up conversations with their grandparents.

I like that the codes for the AP are all there and we just tick them off.

Liz from NSW

Home Educator, Year Four & Five My Homeschool Course

My Year 5 is also doing the science readings with “The New Astronomy Book”. We are all learning as we go, and the whole family is enjoying the information we are covering and the hours we are spending together out in the back yard at night.

Joanna from QLD

Home Educator, Year Five My Homeschool Course

What a relief and blessing for homeschool families to have all the nitty gritty details of daily homeschool and homeschool registration designed for us. It is wonderful to see how simple registration can be. Michelle you have created a method for recording that oozes simplicity and that is what we all want. Michelle and Jo you are a very present listening ear and help on the My Homeschool forum and your advice is all about making homeschool work for each one. I have absolute freedom in how I use this resource. I have not followed the schedule as is but have felt encouragement from you to make it work for my busy family lifestyle, quirks and passions. Year 5 is helping our ten year old to move into written narrations and I have found Our Sunburnt Country broken into small chunks with a notebook page for each reading, is so simple and achievable. My daughters confidence in writing has grown in the first term of using My Homeschool following this very natural method. Thank you Michelle and Jo, for your commitment to making homeschool simple. What a blessing you are. Kindest Blessings Renelle x

Renelle from NSW

Home Educator , Year Five, My Homeschool Course

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