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Primary Courses

Our aim was to find a good balance between Charlotte Mason’s ideas and the registration requirements of a modern day Australian curriculum.

Efficient planning means that we’ve streamlined lessons to give your child a rich learning experience without making you feel guilty or overloaded. This means you’ll still have time to go on delight directed learning adventures.

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36 Week Cycle

Our primary programs are set out in a 4 term/36 week cycle that can be spread over 3 to 4 days (10 – 14 hours per week). To give you some breathing space, we’ve allocated the last week of each term to: special projects, catch-up lessons and assessments.
Keeping track of your progress is also easy with our weekly schedules available in an online or printable format.

Teaching Resources

To encourage a passion and motivation for learning, we’ve adopted a literature rich philosophy which has avoided worksheets and textbooks whenever possible.

Our family learning schedule includes: thoughtful conversations, classic read alouds, narrations, poetry, picture study, science and nature journaling, notebooking and art lessons. Independent work includes English, math, copywork and age appropriate readers.

We don’t provide a math program but we’ve got some suggestions, so you can pick a resource that suits your child’s style and ability.

Foreign language lessons are also at your own discretion but we’ll give you some tips.

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We’ve put some comprehensive outlines and samples for you to download and read.

Download Graded Samples

Video Explanations – How To Organise Your Course

These videos will give you an idea of how you can organise your course and how the learning platform works.

A Tour of My Homeschool Learning Platform

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Full Course Costs

  • My Homeschool Subscription $ 6 per month with a $30 sign up fee.
  • Each Graded Course K to 6 is $400
  • Note: Some additional resources will need to be purchased independently of this course.

My Homeschool Subscription

The My Homeschool subscription gives you access to our online-learning platform. See our full terms and conditions here. 

Your courses remain available to you as long as you stay subscribed to My Homeschool. This means you only have to buy a course once but you can use it for multiple children. Therefore the maximum cost of primary school for seven grades over seven years would be $3500.

More details here…

Free Courses with My Homeschool Subscription:

  • How To Homeschool 101
  • Quick Start Homeschool Registration
  • Art and Music Appreciation

Primary Graded Course Prices $400

Once your subscription has been activated you are able to purchase a graded course. Courses can be purchased after you log in to the My Homeschool Learning Platform.

You must subscribe and be enrolled in My Homeschool to do this.

Note: Subscription enrolments are done manually. Whilst we try to activate subscriptions within 24 hours, enrolments can take up to 3 working days.

Additional Costs

Each graded course has additional living books and stationery that are needed for the course. It is estimated these will you cost approximately $200 or less per graded course.

A few of these resources are available as free online versions and some can be found at a local library.

A full resource list, with where to buy, will be provided with each course. See course samples for a book list.

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Teaching More Than One

To help you teach multiple children we’ve made some of our resources interchangeable so you can cut costs, and conserve teaching time.

Possible swaps or additions include:

  • Our classic read alouds can be used for the whole family.
  • Primary Language Lessons and maths can be purchased separately for another grade (Years 1 to 6) to make one course do double duty.
  • Science lessons interchange easily and work for multiple grades. (Year 3 to 6)
  • History and geography studies can follow one grade’s schedule. (Year 2 – 6)
  • Art and Music Appreciation is on a four year rotation and you get to choose one year’s schedule for the whole family to follow.

Scheduling For More Than One Child

Not all components of our courses are interchangeable. However, you will find mixing and matching some of our resources won’t affect your curriculum registration requirements because there is scope for reordering content when appropriate (especially in NSW when they work in stages).

  • We have been mindful to keep Australian literature and history components across the curriculum.
  • English and Math can be kept at ability level.
  • All strands of science are covered every two years.
  • Our science and geography content is more comprehensive than the Australian curriculum.
  • We include World history even though it’s not required in the Australian curriculum.

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