Australian Homeschool Courses

Take the Pressure Off Planning Your Homeschool Lessons

We’ll give you an easy to follow schedule, an education plan matched to the Australian Curriculum and the NSW (NESA) Syllabus, and a range of resources and books that will nourish and enrich your child’s education.

And we’ll support you along the way.

This is the Curriculum I Always Wanted.

My Homeschool founder Michelle Morrow shares her story…

When I was a new homeschooling mum putting together a weekly plan that worked seemed impossible. I had resources galore but knowing how to actually fit them into my family’s teaching week and set realistic expectations seemed to be the part where I always felt overwhelmed.

I could make a pretty plan but when the plan went off course – as it always did – then I just didn’t know how to steer it back. Because of this I was skipping lessons and in a constant state of anxiety that I wasn’t doing enough and that I was somehow failing my children.

On two occasions, I panicked and placed my two eldest in school. But thankfully after one term I was homeschooling again.

Today my 4 children are all homeschool graduates. All of them went to university at 16. One is a medical doctor, one is a university graduate working for a charity in communications, another is completing a Masters in 3D animation, and the youngest is finishing a business degree whilst running her own business.

I launched My Homeschool in 2017 so homeschooling families could have an Australian Curriculum that they could trust. Today we support more than 500 families and many homeschooling parents report how easy registration was when using our planning templates and curriculum.

With the help of a great team, My Homeschool has become a unique Australian homeschool community that provides curriculum and support for Australian homeschoolers just like you.

I hope we can help you as well!

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My Homeschool Kids

So What Is My Homeschool?

My Homeschool is more than a curriculum, it is a whole support package for homeschoolers.

When you buy a course from us and become one of our members we give you:

  • Documentation to help you make your registration application simple and understandable so you can get registered quickly.
  • Weekly lessons and curriculum for the grade you purchased with an easy to manage schedule which in most cases is pick up and go.
  • A support community and forum for you to ask questions and share your experiences so you won’t feel alone.
  • Teaching skills on how to become an expert home educator so you’ll be able to teach your children well.

Homeschool Curriculum Courses By Grades

To enrol in any of our My Homeschool Courses you must first become a member.

We have homeschool courses from Kindergarten to Year 8. Graded Courses are an additional cost. See specific courses for more details.

Kindergarten Course

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Year One Course

Year One Homeschool Curriculum

Year One Homeschool Curriculum

Year Two Course

Year Two Homeschool Curriculum

Year Two Homeschool Curriculum

Year Three Course

Year Three Homeschool Curriculum

Year Three Homeschool Curriculum

Year Four Course

Year Four Homeschool Curriculum

Year Four Homeschool Curriculum

Year Five Course

Year Five Homeschool Curriculum

Year Five Homeschool Curriculum

Year Six Course

Year 6 Homeschool Boys

Year Six Homeschool Curriculum

Year Seven Course

Year Seven Homeschool Curriculum

Year Eight Course

Year 8 homeschoolHomeschool Curriculum

Year Eight Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Help & Enrichment Courses

These courses are provided free with membership.

How to Homeschool 101

How To Homeschool

How To Homeschool Course

Art Appreciation

Art appreciation

Art Appreciation

Getting Registered 

Getting Registered

Getting Registered to Homeschool Course

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation Course