Inspired By Charlotte Mason Seminar

Watch On Demand – January 2021

Are you inspired by Charlotte Mason but not sure how to implement her methods in a modern education?

Do you want to be encouraged and educated to be a better home educator?

Would you like to nourish your mind and equip your home school with new teaching tools?

Then you’ll find this conference will do just that!

Our Inspired By Charlotte Mason Seminar, Sydney conference, was professionally filmed and is now available for you to watch.

It’s free to watch and on-demand.

Speakers & Topics

Jo Lloyd

Jo Lloyd

My Homeschool Team Member, Curriculum Developer & Course Mentor

Jo homeschools three children and favours a Classical / Charlotte Mason style of education. She is a university educator with a background in law and geography. She has been working closely with Michelle to help develop My Homeschool curriculum.

Topic: How mothers approach education as a way to shape their children’s lives has a profound effect on the culture of learning in a homeschool. Charlotte Mason suggested a rich and beautiful feast of subjects and pursuits for students, which can seem daunting.  Jo will consider how our continued learning as mothers inspires our children on their own journey of education and offer strategies to help parents gain the confidence they need to teach some of the subjects particular to the Charlotte Mason method.

Carol Hudson Homeschool Mentor

Carol Hudson

My Homeschool Team Member, Mentor, Curriculum Writer and Workshop Coordinator

Carol has followed a Charlotte Mason styled education and she blogs at Journey and Destination. She is a woman full of wisdom, who reads copious amounts of books and has many examples of how to do homeschooling well.

Topic: Carol has been to the homeschool finishing line with six of her seven children. After 25 years of homeschooling she has seen that even with all the resources and ideas that we now have at our fingertips home educators still struggle. Her message is a simple one: you can do it! Consistency and daily effort, even if it is only small, will add up over time.

Charlotte Mason once said that it is not about how much a child knows when he finishes his education, but how much does he care and how large is the room he finds himself in. Keeping a rhythm to our days and attending to first things first gives our children the opportunity to develop and grow and put their feet in ‘a large room.’

Michelle Morrow

My Homeschool Founder, Curriculum Developer and Course Mentor

Michelle has homeschooled four children who all excel in different ways. She will be drawing from her experience, research, and from observing a range of homeschool graduates she has met along the way. In 2017, she began My Homeschool but she has also been blogging at Homeschooling Downunder for over 10 years.

Topic: Academic genius is often seen as the zenith of giftedness. However, children can be gifted in so many ways and we see these inklings early in their life. Michelle explores the ideas of discovering your child’s gifts, the maternal influence on IQ, a child’s self-awareness, and how homeschooling allows children to excel in their passions.

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