Homeschooling in Victoria

Homeschooling in Victoria

The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) states it is a legal requirement to register to homeschool:

  • if your child is not enrolled in distance education, or at a school,
  • they are compulsory school age – aged 6 to 17, or a child who turns 6 during the year home schooling will commence,
  • your child’s residential address is in Victoria.

Registration Process for Homeschooling in Victoria

Make an Application to VRQA

We know that the registration process can be quite a complicated procedure for new homeschoolers so at My Homeschool we have simplified it for you as much as we can.

You will still be responsible for your child’s registration, however we’ve made it easy.
On the VRQA website you will find  information that will tell you all the nitty-gritty details of registration but I’ll give you the simplified version.

STEP ONE: Download and fill in your application for registration form from the VRQA.

Your application will include a plan in the Eight Key Learning Areas.

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Humanities and Social Science – Includes: history,geography, politics and civics
  5. The Arts – Includes: visual arts, dancing and music)
  6. Health and Physical Education
  7. Technologies
  8. Languages

What will VRQA be looking for in your plan?
That you are providing a holistic plan for your children that covers all the eight key learning areas. The plan also needs to be age appropriate.

What if my child has special needs?
You can also apply for exemptions of subjects if needed for your child. Assessors will consider your child’s special needs on application.

Registration is continuous so once you have made your initial application you won’t need to again. Each year you are sent an email to ask if you are continuing with home education and if you respond you will remain on their register.

Preparing Your Plan for Homeschooling in Victoria

STEP TWO: Start preparing your plan. This will be easy using My Homeschool Courses. In each purchased grade we have already prepared a registration yearly plan as a Word docx. for you to download and modify for your registration.

You will find the  VRQA structured learning template and sample plans here.

Approval Recommendation

After you send in your form it take a few weeks. However, it may take a little longer if they need to ask questions about your application or ask for some extra information. In most cases you be approved for registration and sent a registration certificate. Registration is continuous.

On the rare occasion that you are not approved you can contact HEN and ask for help  (This is a support body for Victorian home educators).

Education Progress Review

“A small portion (around 10 per cent) of families will be selected each year for a review of their home schooling arrangements. In a review, a parent will be asked to show that the eight key learning areas are being regularly and efficiently addressed and provide some evidence of educational progress. Evidence of progress might include samples of student work or NAPLAN results if available. Parents are still able to change or experiment with different teaching styles, as long as the eight key learning areas continue to be addressed.” VRQA

Here are some suggestions of what to include for your review reports if needed:

  • Samples of your child’s work.  My Homeschool Graded Courses have included prompts throughout the term to collect these samples and put them in your portfolio.  Work samples could be taken from Math, English and another subject. English compositions, and notebooking pages work well for this.
  • A plan for the following year. If you are using a My Homeschool Graded Course for the next year you can use our Yearly Planning Form for the following grade and fill out the appropriate details.

FAQ for Homeschooling in Victoria


Can I Part Time Homeschool?

Part-time (or partial enrolment in school) is an option for homeschooling in Victoria. However you will need to negotiate this with your individual schools. To begin you need a homeschooling Victoria registration letter when you apply for your part-time school application. Find out more about part-time homeschooling in Victoria.

When Can I Remove My Child from School?

Many schools are supportive of homeschooling and will leave the door open for you to return if homeschooling doesn’t work out.

After you have made your application for homeschooling in it generally takes 14 days before your official registration letter is given. However, many parents remove their child before their registration has been officially approved. Some parents get a doctor’s certificate for stress leave for their child until registration is approved. If you anticipate having problems can I suggest you mention as little as possible to the school and get your registration application in ASAP. Schools don’t have any power to stop you from homeschooling. It’s your legal right.

Can I Get The VCE When Homeschooling in Victoria?

Homeschooling for Year 11 and 12 will not provide you with a VCE, however your children can study for a VCE alternative.

I like all the core subjects (history, geography, nature study). Moodle App is handy. Weekly guide is great!

Sue from Victoria

Home Educator, My Homeschool Year Three

Is Homeschooling in Victoria Sounding Too Hard?

My Homeschool is a complete syllabus for Australian homeschoolers that has been used for registration by Victorian homeschoolers. We have done most of the planning and curriculum for you. You just need to add specifics for your child. Our graded courses also provide you with templates and a Getting Registered Course that will make it much easier.

Disclaimer: This is general information on homeschooling in Victoria and is not meant to be used as legal advice.