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My Homeschool Seminar

Free and on Demand - January 2021

Get Your Year Off To A Good Start

  • Are you interested in homeschooling but not sure how to go about it?
  • Do you want to be encouraged and educated to be a better home educator?
  • Would you like to nourish your mind and equip your home school with new teaching tools?
  • Then you’ll find this conference will do just that!
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Homeschooling in South Australia

When homeschooling in South Australian you don’t actually apply to for homeschool registration, you apply for a school exemption.

Do I Need To Register For Homeschooling in South Australia?

If you live in South Australia and plan on homeschooling your child the DECD (Department of Education and Child Development) states it is a legal requirement for you child go to school from ages 6 to 17.

So in order to be homeschooled, you need to be enrolled in a South Australian school and then get an exemption. If you are moving to South Australia and have been homeschooling in another state, you still need to enrol in a school. The Principal can give you a Principal’s Exemption for a month while your application takes place.

The Exemption Process For Homeschooling in South Australia

To get more information you will need to email for an application pack. It  will tell you all the nitty-gritty details of registration but I’ll give you the simplified version.

STEP ONE: Fill in your registration form.

STEP TWO: Start preparing your education plan.

Your Education Plan

In South Australia you need to prepare your plan according to the Australian Curriculum which incorporates the following key learning areas.  

Key Learning Areas

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Humanities and Social Science (Includes: history, geography, civics and politics
  5. Arts (Includes: visual arts,dancing and music)
  6. Health and Physical Education
  7. Languages

My Homeschool Plans

We know that the registration process can be quite a complicated procedure for new homeschoolers so at My Homeschool we have simplified it for you as much as we can.

We give you a detailed a yearly plan template, detailed scope and sequence for the years you are teaching and weekly schedules to use.

You will still be responsible for your child’s registration, however we’ve made it easy.

The Registration Visit For Homeschooling in South Australia

STEP THREE: Involves your registration visit from a Home Education Officer (usually a retired school teacher).

What Happens On The Visit?

The Home Education Officer will come and stay about 45 minutes. They will ask to see your plan and meet your child. They will not test your child. They will ask to see where your child takes their lessons.

What you should show them:

  • Resources you have bought.
  • Your yearly homeschool plan (My Homeschool provides these with your graded course).
  • Your Weekly Plans (My Homeschool provides these with your graded course).
  • Show them some resources you are using

Approval Recommendation

After they have spent some time talking to you, they might ask you a few questions about how you plan on covering this or that. Your stock standard answer should be you’ll follow the curriculum.

Nine times out of ten, they will then tell you that you have been approved for registration and that you will be sent a registration approval form in the next month or so.

On the rare occasion that you are not approved you can contact the HEA and ask for help. (This is a support body for home educators in Australian and you can join if you wish).Continued exemption from school is almost the same as your initial application. You will need to make another application every 12 months.

Continued Exemption For Homeschooling in South Australia

STEP ONE: You will be called by the Home Education Department when your exemption is due for renewal. They will organise a time to meet you.

STEP TWO: Prepare a record of learning for the previous exemption period. This doesn’t have to be all book work learning. The Home Education Officer is happy to see photographs and here presentations from the children.

  • Organise your reports of work done over the year. (If you use My Homeschool you will have your term reports and a completion certificate)
  • Put some samples of work in your child’s portfolio. (My Homeschool also provides prompts and reminders on collecting samples throughout the year).

STEP FOUR: Prepare for the visit which will be similar to other visits.

FAQ – Homeschooling in South Australia

Can I Travel When Homeschooling in South Australia?


You can also apply for a special travel exemption from a school and don’t need to apply to home educate if you are planning on returning to school after your trip.

Can I Homeschool Part Time?

No you cannot do part-time homeschooling in South Australia. However, if you wish to attend a school for language lessons that can often be arranged. From Year 8 music instructions can also be accessed through the Home Education Department.

The SACE – South Australian Certificate of Education can be done for Year 11 & 12 students via Distance Education – Open Access.

When Can I Remove My Kids From School?

In South Australia you need to be enrolled in school in order to register to homeschool. Then you apply for an exemption.

This process can take a month. The Principal can give you a Principal’s Exemption for a month while your application takes place.

Is Homeschooling in South Australia Sounding Too Hard?

My Homeschool is a complete syllabus for Australian homeschoolers that has been used for registration by South Australian homeschoolers. We have done most of the planning and curriculum for you. You just need to add specifics for your child. Our graded courses also provide you with templates and a Getting Registered Course that will make it much easier.

My Homeschool has been the perfect fit for our family. It has provided the “hand-holding” I needed as a new homeschooler while still being flexible enough to be workable in everyday life.

It took the stress out of writing the application for exemption to homeschool as everything was laid out for me, and we were granted 18 months exemption. 

I love that it uses a relaxed CM style, can be taught from a Christian worldview and is Australian. The weekly plans are not overly prescriptive so can easily be implemented according to the child’s individual interests and pace of learning and whatever else is happening in our week.

Lauren from South Australia

Home Educator, My Homeschool Year One

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At My Homeschool we want to give you the curriculum we always wanted.

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