i FAQ For Homeschooling in Canberra
Here is a quick overview of the basic facts that you need to understand for homeschool registration in ACT.

Do I Need To Register For Homeschooling in Canberra?

If you live in Canberra and plan on homeschooling your child then it is a legal requirement to register to homeschool from ages 5 to 17 ;- if your child is not enrolled in distance education, or at a school.

Can I Homeschool Part Time?

Yes this is an option for homeschooling in Canberra. This needs to be discussed with individual schools and is beyond the scope of this course.

When Can I Remove My Kids From School?

When you make your application for homeschooling in Canberra you are automatically given six month provisional registration and you can remove your children from school.

If you want to remove your child before you put in your application it is up to you. Whilst the Education Department doesn’t recommend it they don’t forbid it either!

Homeschooling in Canberra Registration Process

We know that the registration process can be quite a complicated procedure for new homeschoolers, so at My Homeschool we have simplified it for you as much as we can.

You will still be responsible for your child’s registration, however we’ve made it easy.

On the ACT Education Directorate website you will find information that will tell you all the nitty-gritty details of registration but I’ll give you the simplified version.

STEP ONE: Request an application from the Liaison Unit. 02 62055429

There are two methods for registration;

  • Provisional registration – this is your initial registration and is granted for 6 months.
  • Certificate of Registration – if you continue to homeschool beyond 6 months then an appointment will be scheduled with the Liason Unit in their offices. Renewal registrations can last up to a year.

Homeschooling In Canberra – Preparing An Educational Plan

Start preparing your plan. This will be easy using My Homeschool Courses. In each purchased grade we have already prepared a basic yearly plan as a Word docx. for you to download and modify for your registration. You just need to add a few details like:

  • Your child’s name
  • A short blurb on your child’s specific learning needs
  • Special activities that you plan for the year.
  • If you plan on making additions to our program or tweaking them you can also modify the plan.

You are not required to follow a particular curriculum, however You can also add the scope and sequence for the years you are teaching. Although it is not compulsory to follow the Australian Curriculum the Liaison Unit does encourage parents to “become familiar with the Australian Curriculum”. Our plans have been linked to the Australian Curriculum and codes have been provided in the scope and sequence.

Even though we started the plan for you, I encourage you to make it your own and make changes that suit you.

Approval Recommendation

There is no set time for registration approval. It could take a few weeks or months. They may want to ask a few questions about your application or ask for some extra information.   After they have spent some time talking to you, they might
ask you a few questions about how you plan on covering this or that. Your stock standard answer should be you’ll follow the curriculum.

Nine times out of ten, they will then tell you that you have been approved for registration and that you will be sent a registration certificate. Registration is continuous but you will be asked to send in reports of your child’s progress each year.

On the rare occasion that you are not approved you can contact the HEA and ask for help. (This is a support body for home educators in Australian and you will need to join if you haven’t already).

Homeschooling in Canberra Registration Renewal

Registration renewal is almost the same as initial registration. Contact the ACT Education Directorate for renewal.

  • Prepare your documentation to show from your previous years work.
  • Use My Homeschool reports  if you have been using it for the previous year.
  • Show a portfolio.
  • Make an appointment to visit the Liaison Unit.

Is Homeschooling in Canberra Sounding Too Hard?

I know many of you are starting to think this is all too difficult (unless you’re a teacher or planning fanatic and this excites you), so here are a few options:

1. My Homeschool Graded Courses

My Homeschool is a complete syllabus for Australian homeschoolers that has been used for registration by ACT homeschoolers. We have done most of the planning and curriculum for you. You just need to add specifics for your child. Our graded courses also provide you with templates and a Getting Registered Course that will make it much easier.

2. DIY Plan and Guide

If you want to plan your own curriculum and write up your own homeschool plan, these guides will give you some suggestions and help you familiarise yourself with the Australian Curriculum.

Support Groups for Homeschooling in Canberra

  • HENCAST  – Home Education Network of Canberra and the Southern Tablelands
  • CHEC – Christian Home Education in Canberra
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