Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Your Courses Cost?

Firstly you need to become a member of My Homeschool. We have $15 monthly, $66 half-yearly and a $99 Yearly option. This entitles you to some of our free courses but none of the graded course.

Once you become a member you can purchase a graded course.

Our primary courses are $385 each. This is a one year course. Our Year 7 and Year 8 high school courses are $300 per semester (2 terms of work). 

However, with each course there is an additional books list that is required to complete the course. Some of these books you will need to buy but you may also find them at the library. Each course outline clearly states the additional books needed. The course outlines can be downloaded from the relevant course page on the website.  You will also need to buy some stationery and to print off some of the resources.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You maintain access to your courses for as long as you stay a member of the My Homeschool community.

Can I use My Homeschool Graded Courses for Multiple Ages?

Yes! Many subjects are suitable for group work. In fact, group work is encouraged when possible. Read alouds, nature study, history, art, narration and geography can all be combined. Lessons in maths and English may need separate instruction. To read more about this look at our blog post.

Can I combine my children into one grade?

Yes! it is possible especially if they are close in age. You will need to add extra English and math resources for children working at a different grade level. For a more extensive discussion on this read combining grades in my homeschool.

Will combining grades still match the Australian Curriculum?

Yes! The Australian Curriculum (and the NSW Syllabus) is set out in broad stages. (Foundation -2 and 3 – 6). Within these stages there is flexibility to teach content. For those in NSW you can register as a ‘primary school’ student rather than set a grade.

However we only provide documentation for the grade you purchase.

This is discussed a little more indepth here.

My child has special needs, will this course suit them?

This is a hard question and only one that you can decide.  We actually get asked this a lot so we have discussed it further in a blog post.

As the homeschool parent, you are an excellent assessor of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. A living book education works well for many but not for all. If you feel your child needs educational testing then find a practitioner that supports homeschooling. Speech pathologists and psychologists both do this type of testing.

If your child is gifted, you may find adding more enrichment activities is a far better choice than speeding through the content. Give them a broader, richer education, providing more books on topics of interest to go deeper, not faster through subject areas.

For the children who struggle with reading you may want to incorporate more audio books, but continue with consistently teaching them reading with short lessons. The flexibility of this course also allows you to set the pace. 

Reading aloud times can be hard at first for the easily distracted child. Give them something to fiddle with while you are reading or suggest they draw. Make sure that they are engaged in the content by asking for short oral narrations or checking their comprehension with a few questions. Gradually increase your reading times rather than expect them to sit for an hour on their first attempt. Also, gauge the best time for a longer read aloud novel in your family rhythm.

What are My Homeschool graded courses?

The My Homeschool graded courses offer a full curriculum based on the Australian Curriculum content and outcome statements. This is suitable for registration in all states and territories. The philosophy behind our a literature rich approach follows many of the ideas of Charlotte Mason.

Is this a online distance education school?

No! We are not a school and receive no government funding. You are still responsible for your child’s registration and their application to homeschool. Enrolling in our courses does not exempt you from homeschool registration. But our resources and training information will help you.

To read more about our online learning platform and the difference between our online homeschool and distance education - see here,

Does My Homeschool offer grading and support?

We are not a school and do not provide teachers for grading and educational support.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our website or resources we offer email support.

We do have  forums within the grades that we hope will give you some community support with like-minded homeschoolers who are educating children at a similar stage.

When will My Homeschool offer Year 9 and Year 10 high school courses?

We currently offer courses from Foundation/Kindergarten to Year 8.
At this stage we have no plans to offer any higher grades.

I want to talk to someone personally. Who can I call?

We don't offer a telephone support option as a first option.

If you are inquiring about our resources or courses or are having technical problems please email us using our contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

For other homeschool related issues we suggest you contact the

If I've been using another homeschool program such as ACE or Sonlight, will the transition be hard?

If you have been using a workbook approach you may find the adjustment to a living book approach a little scary. However we provide a free home educators course to help you transition to  the methods used in this course. You will also need to start assessing your child's work in ways other than testing.

For Sonlight users  the transition should be fairly smooth.

I'm not a teacher and I'm new to homeschooling, will I be able to follow this course?

Yes. We offer a home educator's teaching course.

Using living books as one of your main resources means you get to learn along with your child. This is one of the unexpected joys of homeschooling.

Do I need to start the My Homeschool Course at the beginning of the year?


There are 32 weeks (split into 4 terms) in this course that can be started at any time. If you wish to begin mid-term or mid-year you can still pick up the course from Term One - Week One or another term. However, starting the course at a different week other than week one, will mean your reading schedule may need to be adjusted initially.

Since math resources are purchased separately you can follow the level you were using prior to starting the course.

Is this a Christian curriculum? Can this program be taught in a secular way?

This curriculum aims to give parents the confidence that they are educating their children with a world view that honours the values of Christian education. We have attempted to choose great resources and often a secular resource was the best option. Education of the whole child is important to us and parents are encouraged to disciple their children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Whilst we encourage parents to have devotions with their family we have not set any.

Our science resources from Year 4 cover young earth creation and evolutionary concepts. However, the author does provide young earth creationist responses. These resources are purchased separately, so if you want to subsititute a secular resource you are welcome.

You can read the worldview of our curriculum here.

Can I use the same course for another child in future years?

Yes! If your My Homeschool annual subscription stays current you can reuse all of your purchased courses at no additional charge. If your subscription expires then you will be required to rejoin and you will need to repurchase courses.

What subjects are taught?

All key learning areas in the Australian Curriculum are covered except for maths. However, we give suggestions for different math curriculum we like. If you would like to read about our curriculum approach look here.

Why don’t you provide a maths program?

We want you to pick a math program that suits your child's ability and your budget.

How many teaching hours will the My Homeschool Graded Courses require?

Home educating is a lifestyle so the learning never stops. We know that you didn’t choose to homeschool so that your child would be a slave to workbooks. We have tried our best to streamline the content of these courses so your child can finish their sit-down academics in a half day, three to four days per week.

In Year 5 and 6 we have scheduled a four to five day week. We haven’t cut out content but rather used resources that can teach various subjects at the same time. We want you to spend the extra free time pursuing your child's other interests and allowing your child to embrace the wonder of learning naturally.

Approximately three to four hours per week of reading aloud is required in this course. You will often need to be present for lessons, especially when teaching reading. However, some lessons can be done independently using the recommended workbox method described in the Getting Organised section of the Homeschool Teaching 101 Course. As we move towards high school, we gradually increase the amount of independent work a child is expected to do.

When do I start Foundation Year/ Kindergarten/Prep?

Most children begin kindergarten/foundation around the age of 5 but the starting age can vary between ages 4 - 6. Before starting My Homeschool Foundation Course it is suggested you check for Kindergarten Readiness.

The flexible format of kindergarten allows it to done over one or two years.

How many extra books will I need to complete the course?

There are additional books that you need to complete the course. If you were to purchase the entire book list it would cost under $200 per graded course. However, many of the books are used in more than one grade. Some books are also available at the library. Each course has a booklist to download with approximate costings. Used books can also be sold second hand.


Membership and Login Issues

How do I enrol my child in a Graded Course?

After you become a member you can login to the My Homeschool learning platform. From this platform you can purchase your courses.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer that option. Resources are provided on purchase along with the learning platform.


Can I get a refund if it does not suit or my child returns to school?

My Homeschool subscriptions and the graded courses are non—refundable. Subscription are paid monthly. For more information on refunds and subscriptions read our terms and conditions.

How do I cancel my membership or change my payment details?

This is the procedure for cancelling your membership, retrying a payment or changing your credit card details online.

NOTE: Your payment login details are different to your My Homeschool Moodle username and password.

WordPress Payment Username: use your email address

WordPress Payment Password: You will probably need to reset it if you haven’t kept it.

  1. Login to the payment portal
  2. Click on the subscription details.
  3. Then click on Change Payment or pay the unpaid subscription.
  4. Then click on Payment Method or cancel subscription.
  5. You should then get a screen that allows you to enter in your new card details.
  6. Confirm and Pay.

You can also contact us via email and it can be done by us manually.

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