Who Was Charlotte Mason?

Charlotte Mason (1842 – 1923) was a highly respected British educator in the late nineteenth century. She offered an alternative method of education to the traditional model common in her time. Her methods were often adopted by middle-class parents teaching their children at home and by upper-class families who frequently used governesses. Many schools (mostly private) also implemented her methods with great success.

Charlotte Mason founded her House of Education in Ambleside, a teaching college for governesses in the Lake District of England. She also wrote a six volume series on educating children. Her books were written over a period of 20 years from 1904-1923. They are available today and are known as The Original Home Schooling Series.

Charlotte Mason’s books were well received, for they offered practical teaching ideas and taught the teacher how to give children a generous and rich education. Paramount in Charlotte Mason’s philosophy was fostering children’s relationship and knowledge of God. Charlotte Mason also emphasised the importance of the home environment, teaching with books and respect for the child.

Charlotte Mason’s ideas and methods have been revived with the resurgence of the Christian homeschooling movement. Many home educators have adopted her teaching philosophies and techniques and this is what we call The Charlotte Mason Method.

This is an excerpt from Inspired by Charlotte Mason a free ebook you can download when you subscribe to My Homeschool.

My Homeschool & Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason’s literature rich approach to home education is our foundational philosophy and method. However, we have also introduced a range of eclectic teaching ideas and resources that reflect a modern approach to the Australian Curriculum.

An atmosphere of learning is encouraged in the home with natural learning opportunities harnessed. Delight directed learning is supported with children having the freedom to explore desired areas of interest.

Learning About Charlotte Mason

We realise that many of you will be new to this approach so with your subscription we provide our free course How To Homeschool 101. This course forms part of your Charlotte Mason teacher training. You can do the course in it’s entirety or dip in and out as a refresher when needed.

Charlotte Mason topics include:

  • Teaching Handwriting the Charlotte Mason Way (Free Dowloadable ebook)
  • What is a living book and how to use them
  • Replacing textbooks and worksheets with notebooking
  • What is narration
  • How to teach writing, spelling and grammar
  • Nature Journaling with Children (Free Dowloadable ebook)
  • Charlotte Mason history studies
  • How to make a Book of Centuries
  • Charlotte Mason geography

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