About My Homeschool

My Homeschool is an Australian homeschool curriculum inspired by the teaching methods of Charlotte Mason. We started selling courses in 2017 and have been rapidly growing ever since. There are now hundreds of families around Australia who have successfully used our curriculum for their registration application and subsequent approval.

Our curriculum was written by experienced home educators for home educators. We understand home education and how it can be implemented in the home setting. In developing My Homeschool, we were mindful of the Australian Curriculum and state syllabus requirements.

We currently offer Kindergarten/Prep/Pre Primary to Year 9.

Our approach to education is different to the traditional school method of textbooks and worksheets. Instead, we use many of Charlotte Mason’s ideas. We use living books, short lessons, narration, copywork, world history, and nature study inspired lessons in geography and science. Whilst Charlotte Mason’s method of homeschooling is our guiding educational philosophy, we have deviated from her approach somewhat as we comply with the content demands of the Australian Curriculum. Our Homeschool Teaching 101 course, provided free with membership, will teach you more about her methods.

Education of the whole child is important to us and parents are encouraged to teach their children spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We aim to give parents confidence that they are educating their children with a world view that honours the values of Christian education. However, some of our resources are secular and we don’t provide religious instruction or Bible study – we’ll leave that up to you.

My Homeschool provides a quality Australian curriculum that follows state and territory syllabus requirements.

We also have an FAQ section to answer many of your enquiries.

Michelle and Jo are the course creators for My Homeschool

Michelle Morrow – Founder, Curriculum Developer & Member’s Coach

Michelle Morrow is a veteran homeschooler who began homeschooling in 2001, the year her fourth child was born.  Michelle and her family live in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW.

Before kids, Michelle worked as a registered Nurse, midwife and nurse educator. After kids, Michelle and her husband became interested in home education and they decided to try it out. There was a lot to learn in those early years but they saw how great it was for their kids.  Michelle began using a Charlotte Mason inspired version of homeschooling three years into her homeschool journey.

Her two oldest spent some time in school but her two youngest never went to school. All their children have entered tertiary education at 16 without an HSC or ATAR.

  • One is a medical practitioner/doctor.
  • Another completed her degree and works overseas studying in her field of expertise.
  • Another works as a freelance animator and will finish his Masters of Animation in 2020.
  • Another runs her own small business and is studying a Bachelor of Business.

Michelle has been supporting Australian homeschoolers for many years. She is a registered member of the HEA. Her website and blog, Homeschooling Downunder, is listed as a support resources by the NSW Home Education Unit (NESA). She is also a homeschool conference speaker and has appeared on various radio shows and podcasts.

About Michelle Morrow

Jo Lloyd – Curriculum Developer & Member’s Coach

Jo and her husband Cliff have three children. Formally starting homeschooling in 2010, their children have always been homeschooled, with their eldest child commencing high school studies in 2018. Jo favours the Classical / Charlotte Mason method and has a thorough understanding of the different educational philosophies.

With qualifications in law, history, geography, English literature and cultural heritage, Jo has worked in public service and taught at university for twelve years, including online teaching. She is thrilled to share her skills and expertise with homeschoolers through My Homeschool.

Jo has been working closely with Michelle to help shape My Homeschool. Together they are a fabulous team! She has written some course content, been a collaborator in the high school courses, and is the course creator of the Kindergarten and Year One graded courses.

Jo is a popular homeschooling conference speaker. She has been featured as a guest speaker on the In Cahoots podcast and is a guest author for the Common Place Quarterly.

Amanda Sim – Communications and Support Manager

With qualifications in education, English literature, marketing and publishing Amanda has worked in the area of education for over 30 years initially starting her journey as a primary school teacher then moving into the corporate world where she was able to continue her passion for education supporting the educational industry in the areas of marketing, public relations and publishing.

Amanda first became involved with homeschooling in 2011 when she published her first educational resource through Homeschooling Downunder. She has since edited many of the Kindergarten – Year 8 resources for the My Homeschool Curriculum and is delighted to be surrounded by such like-minded people who are not only great friends but who also value the importance of a well rounded literature rich education.

Amanda lives in Sydney with her two daughters and husband.

Carol Hudson –  Member’s Coach & CM Course Coordinator

Carol has seven children (4 boys & 3 girls) who have been educated at home from the beginning. The eldest six have graduated and have pursued further studies in various settings and she continues to teach her youngest child at home.

Her eldest three children are married and she and her husband are enjoying their two grandchildren and are looking forward to their third.

Carol was introduced to the Charlotte Mason Method of Education when she read ‘For the Children’s Sake’ by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay in 1988, and she knew immediately that this was how she wanted to educate her own children.

Owing to the lack of home-schooling resources in Australia at the time, she spent many years putting her own curriculum together using living books and trial and error.

Carol enjoys hosting Mum Culture evenings, speaking about home education, and participating in a Charlotte Mason reading group. Her interests include blogging, writing & reading, good conversations, perusing Op Shops, and creating with fabric.

Her personal blog Journey and Destination can be found here.

Carol will be running our monthly Homeschool Teaching 101 Express workshops from August 2020.

Carol Hudson Homeschool Mentor